Where is Your Inner Compass Leading You?

I love timelines…I consider myself a forward thinker, so knowing what’s next and having a deadline to complete the next task or goal is ideal to me. However, when I got married again and moved to Florida, I told my husband I am going to relax and enjoy my new marriage. Well, often it’s easier said than done.

Somehow in the midst of me trying to add different projects on my currently full plate. I began to sense that I just needed to follow my inner compass, which is difficult for me to do at times…due to me being time line person. However, I understand more clearly now…that things may not happen during my specific timeline…but learning to TRUST my inner compass (which is the Holy Spirit) and allowing Him to do things without me add my two cents is a must. 🙂

My move to Florida a year ago today;)

Today brings back so many memories such as moving to Florida and starting over with a new person to spend the rest of my life with… which, was a HUGE and SCARY step for me. Looking back a year ago, I recall my husband telling me to trust the process, and I didn’t need to know all the specific steps (at once) just that TRUST the process. Today, that HUGE and SCARY step I leaped with FAITH a year ago was the best thing I ever did!

Are you resonating with anything I have shared? I know from experience how difficult things can be especially as a Christian, wife, mother and as a professional. However, trusting that inner compass that lies within you is only half the battle. The other half is taking intentional action steps and begin to live again!

Think about these questions for a moment:

  • Where is your inner compass leading you right now?
  • Are you willing to let Him take you there with ease or by force?
  • What are some steps you can do right now to get back in the game of life?

You know…it’s so easy to put on your game face ” happy on the outside, yet you are messed up on the inside.” I know because I wore that game face for over a decade in my previous marriage…and no one knew but Him and a few others. Deep inside I knew I could not continue to live like that any longer. I needed a personal development makeover fast. In the midst of trying to figure things out, I sensed God calling me to become a personal and executive coach. In 2012, I began the journey of studying positive psychology principles (resiliency principles) that empowered me to help myself and other professional women with similar challenges.

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