How are you creating momentum?

Just recently my colleagues and I had the opportunity of going to the National Best Urban Schools conference in Nashville the past week. It was there I witnessed schools, administrators, and superintendents being honored, giving testimonies and being candidly open about their brave journey and the distinct accomplishment of becoming award recipients of National Best Best Urban Schools. At then end of the conference, we were charged as educators with the responsibility to return to our campus and create momentum within our schools.
                                     To create momentum three actions need to happen:




We need to create a strategic vision to aim toward as educational stakeholders. That vision could be in the area of increasing literacy scores, math scores, creating resiliency among teachers and preventing teacher burn-out. Enthusiasm among all stakeholders is needed to create a healthy school climate…boost academics. It’s what gets us EXCITED about aiming toward the vision of becoming a National Best Urban School. Asking the right questions leads to strategic action steps and CREATES MOMENTUM!

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