We all have experienced this some time or another…doing the same old thing and thinking that it will lend to different results? Are you guilty of this type of thinking? 
Now, you may be busy planning some great professional development for next school year and thinking of just following a specific plan or pace for next school year? 
Rechannel your thinking …by asking some of these powerful questions:
  • What can I do differently that will lead to getting different results? 
  • How will this type of thinking lend itself for me reaching the goal for next school year?
Thinking traps…can cause you not to reach your academic goal. Let’s address your pain point now…Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call Today CLICK the LINK to Schedule a chat with Coach Marcia It all begins with candid, authentic conversations and rechanneling your thinking that WILL CREATE the RESULTS you want to see.:)
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