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“And the countdown begins”

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Gleaming from the picture, racing to the finish line seems like an invigorating experience! I get excited just thinking about it. When you’re a teacher…counting down to summer break, the experience is mind blowing! As I chat with my colleagues in Florida and Texas, we are like beavers, ready to begin our much-deserved Summer break. Perhaps, you’re an administrator, and you’re thinking about the “data” state exams, school grades…how to motivate your staff for next year?

You may also be wondering “how to help your staff be more resilient throughout the school and how to deal with the demands of working in urban schools. In my book “Become Your Absolute Best” A Practical Resiliency Guide for Educators to Stand Out Among the Crowd in Education, I shared six resiliency strategies that can be incorporated in school. One of them is “Teach Life Skills”…teachers who understand the power of “life skills” can teach students how to use classroom squabble as a model for conflict resolution. What a way to kick off the next school year by empowering teachers, staff and students with “life-skills!”

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