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[Organizational Development]

Building a Healthier School Climate “One teacher, one student, and one principal at a time” Achieve Real Results. In Real Time.

  • Group Coaching for Schools and Districts
  • Educational Consulting
  • Build Organizational Health and School Climates
  • Individual Coaching for teachers and administrators

Did you know…

  • Research consistently points to healthy school climates are essential to student academic growth.
  • Healthy organizational climates create healthy teachers and effective leaders.
  • Well-balanced teachers build resilient students.

Discover how you can …

  • Create healthy climates for your organization
  • Create healthy, well-balanced teachers
  • Foster resilient students for the 21st century


[Professional & Personal Development]

Increase Student Academics using Real Time Coaching with Professional Development based on students’ formative and summative assessments

  • Coaching for Resilience (effective practical tools for 21st century educational practitioners)
  • Build Student and Teacher Resiliency. Increase Student Academic Success
  • Empowering Educators and Students for long term academic success

Did you know…

  • Resilient teachers build resilient students.
  • Practical tools provide powerful measures for professional growth needed for continued academic success.
  • Master teachers and leaders understand the power of using real-time coaching necessary for personal and professional growth.

Discover how you can …

  • Navigate through work challenges and temporary setbacks
  • Create stronger relationships with other colleagues, parents, and community leaders
  • Build stronger relationships with students and enhance executive functioning skills for academic and life success.

Marcia is a high-energy speaker who knows just how to engage with an audience of educators. She is well-versed on a variety of relevant academic topics with resiliency practical tips for teachers and administrators. Marcia is available for your next seminar or professional development training.

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