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You feel teaching is a not just a career, but your calling. You were born for this noble task. In fact, it’s your passion. When you began the journey, you were excited, filled with joy and eager to teach children of all age ranges, backgrounds, and academic levels. Perhaps, you have been called to teach a special group of students. In the beginning, you felt supported, challenged, encouraged by your administrators and inspired by colleagues and mentors… YOU became a teacher to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of children. However, lately, you’ve been feeling burned-out, things are different; you began to question is this the path God created for you. You struggle to make it day in and day out, and you are counting the days before your next break.You’ve prayed, cried, vented and talked to others.

You need HELP. Kids are challenging you, the demands of job overwhelm you. You feel rushed, unprepared, unfulfilled and unappreciated and begin to ask yourself “is it worth it?” What used to bring you joy, now DRAINS you all the little energy you have left. You no longer feel energized and creative on the job and in the classroom. You have tried all the tricks of the trade, and quite frankly you are beginning to reach your breaking point. Your colleagues began to notice something is different, but as a professional you just nod and say “I’m good.” “You put on a fake smile in front of others; you stay in your line even when you see your colleagues experience the same challenges. Deep down inside you need help, direction, a guide on the side. You want feedback, affirmations; you want more than you want you are experiencing now. You want to REACH out to your instructional leader or instructional coach, but you don’t want to look incompetent...besides you have an advanced degree or working towards another degree, and your colleagues look up to you. So you continue to go through the motions…day in and day out while things continue to remain the same. You feel powerless, unsupported and unappreciated from your parents, students and colleagues.

You have worked hard to hone your craft with specialized degrees, certifications and thousands of hours of professional development.

YOU were born to TEACH, LEAD, and INSPIRE!!!

On the other hand, as an administrator, you were filled with excitement to lead and transform your staff to the next level. You are on a mission to TRANSFORM your campus and district. You have led several faculty meetings with your staff to change the climate within your campus and district. You have watched your staff and students grow by leap and bounds. Nonetheless, you are challenged to BOOST students’ test scores and ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT. You might be on the brink of burnout yourself. You know there is a better way to INCREASE your staff’s stamina on the job, uplift their spirits and achieve your campus’ academic goals. You desperately want to provide them with tools that will help THEM  overcome obstacles faced by disgruntled parents, challenging students, paperwork and all the challenges of being an educator in urban and suburban areas.

Your list of wants include:

  • You are ready to learn more about this thing called resiliency
  • You are ready to enhance the current climate of your staff
  • You are ready, as an administrator to learn how systems and processes designed specifically for your student population will you help retain and sustain new and veteran teachers who are the brink of burnout or perhaps need inspiration
  • You are ready to learn specific core resiliency principles to incorporate on the job that makes you feel alive and aligned with your campus improvement plan
  • As an educator, you are ready to challenge your students and staff with HIGH ORDER thinking skills that will not only BOOST their academic engagement but also help them deal with their students’ frequent mood swings and behavior challenges

You want someone who is an educator, who knows and understands from experience the challenges you experience day in and day out on the job.

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place. I am Marcia Y. Collins, an educator, life coach, and trainer. I train educators how to incorporate core resiliency principles on the job and boost student academic engagement. I want to invite you to get know me a little better and find out how I can you as an educator can increase your campus climate and enhance STUDENT ACADEMICS needed to help your campus or district go to the next level. Thank you for stopping by. While you are here grab one of my free training and let me know what you like best about it. I love feedback and inspiring you and your staff to become your ABSOLUTE BEST and STAND OUT AMONG THE CROWD IN EDUCATION!

Until next time, 

Enjoy your journey,

Coach Marcia

I look forward to connecting with you soon! 

Marcia’s Bio

Marcia Y Collins of What’sinYouCoaching, LLC, trains educators how to incorporate core resiliency principles on the job and boost student academic engagement. Also, Marcia Collins is a certified personal and executive coach, speaker, author of the book “Become Your Absolute a Practical Resiliency guide for professional to STAND OUT among the crowd in education. She provides coaching and training to teachers, principals, and educational organizations who are READY to incorporate core resiliency principles on the job and BOOST student academic engagement.

Marcia has an earned Masters degree in Education with a specialization in Reading from Texas A&M Commerce University and currently pursuing an Educational Specialist degree in Reading, Literacy and Leadership

I am Marcia Y. Collins and this is my story:

A few years ago, I was burned out and stressed and unfulfilled in my former role as a Dyslexia teacher. As a result of these experiences, I pursued former training in professional coaching certificate at CaPP Institute and began studying educational resilience, and it’s connection with positive psychology. I found these using core resiliency principles not only helped me bounce back quickly, thrive at work and life, but also achieve academic success with struggling students! I  believe educators should have tools and opportunities that help them be resilient in the classroom and thrive in all situations. My core values include coaching and training educators to become their absolute best on the job and boost student academic engagement.

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