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Anyone who really knows me…knows I am passionate about resilience. More importantly, today I recently received an email on Educational Leadership “Resilience in Learning” September issue. The concept of resilience is “rocking and rolling” around the country. In fact, evidence of the rocking and rolling is in several national publications.

In the September issue of Educational Leadership, Maya Angelou discusses “how does resilient develop and how we (as educators) can instill it in others?” Maya recalls her personal experiences with resilience, having overcome a “difficult” childhood and other daunting obstacles including poverty and racial prejudice.

Maya Angelou’s comments’ on resilience in “Handle with Care” is congruent with the growing body of social science research on the development of resiliency.

  • “If we have someone who loves us unconditionally, then it’s easy to be resilient.”
  • Resilience and dignity are inextricably entwined…”Dignity means what I have to say is important.”
  • Another meaning for dignity is “I deserve the best treatment I can receive…and I have the responsibility to treat others as I want to be treated.”
  • Resilience is universal.
  • Teachers need to “teach because it’s your calling…and both the child and the information with care…and maybe with prayer.”

Take Aways:

Ms. Angelou’s comments reinforce the resiliency research finding that communicates “an alternative mirror approach.” I see what is right about you. This my friend communicates dignity!

Coach U:
What was the most important point that stood out to you? Why?

Source: Educational Leadership (2013) Resilience in Learning


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