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What do you think of when you hear the words “make time for team collaboration?” Educators know about this word all too well. We are accustomed to making time for team collaboration during weekly grade level meetings.

However, often during team collaboration messages can become mixed and confusing. The burning question is “how can we make time for team collaboration and do it effectively?”

Today, I will share (3) effective techniques designed to help enhance your team collaboration!

Effective Technique 1: “Create a safe and open environment”

Creating a safe and open environment where teachers feel inclined to take risks by sharing their teaching struggles requires building a bridge of trust and non-judgment.

Practical Technique: At the next grade level meeting, share your experiences as a new principal. For instance, “I remember my first year as a literacy coach I was nervous and scared.” I didn’t know what to expect. Sharing your professional experiences with teachers reveals you are human and opens the door for them to share their struggles, as well.

Effective Technique 2: “Carve additional time just to collaborate”

Grade-level meetings and other meetings are sometimes rushed and very intensive. In turn, this leaves little room for additional effective collaboration.

Practical Effective Tip: Start your meeting with (3) key points and (1) burning question. These steps allow your meeting to flow effectively and gives your attendees a voice…leading to stronger collaboration.

Effective Technique 3: Listen intently to all ideas

As educators, we all have passions, professional and personal beliefs about effective curriculum, instruction and collaboration. We want to ignite those passions and watch them come to fruition. We want to be heard…not ignored.

Practical Effective Tip: Create a “Brilliant ideas wall” and encourage others to write their next brilliant ideas. Then, take a bold step collaborate, listen and take intentional steps to implement the brilliant ideas based on the key points and goals from the meeting.

Bonus Practical Tip: Coaching:

As a Resiliency Coach/educational strategist, I have found coaching principals and teachers toward practical resilient tips helps them succeed in their professional careers and achieve teacher/student academic excellence!

The coaching process:

I coach you to become your ABSOLUTE BEST by asking questions, listening and understanding your strengths, things you would like to improve.

My task is to be your guide on the side, ask effective questions that help you get clear on specific actions toward being resilient, standing out among the crowd in education and thrive!

Also, coaching entails asking the right questions, finding solutions and getting clarity on what’s needed to help you (as an administrator) create effective collaborations within between you and your staff!

Journal Moment:

What’s in you?

Principals, write (1) effective collaboration technique you have used in the past.


Now, implement (1) practical, effective technique mentioned in this newsletter.

I love chats…incorporate one tip mentioned above and share. 🙂

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