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Taking twenty-minutes can seem like a short time to some, when we think of coaching teachers to become their absolute best. However, twenty-minutes vested and planned strategically could be the magic bullet needed to help your teachers become their absolute best and help you get through counterproductive thinking traps! The trick to counterproductive thinking is real-time resilience!


Today, I will share (1) effective coaching strategy “Real-time resilience,” designed to help enhance your teachers become their absolute best.

Real-time resilience:

Adapted from Dr. Karen Reivich, researcher of University of Pennsylvania. Real-time resilience is most effective in the moment “counterproductive.”

Real-time resilience is used in the moment, when you need to be effective to complete a task or project at hand. Also, real-time resilience is used when counterproductive thinking gets in the way of performance or achievement of a goal.

So, how has counterproductive thinking gotten in your way of high performance or achieving a goal?

Practical Application:

Accuracy over speed
Be authentic

Think about it…your’e getting ready to have a crucial conversation with one of your teachers about their job performance. Before the conversation begins, you began to play the conversation in your head. You say things like, “she’s never going to get it.” I should just wait to have the conversation and don’t renew his or her contract.

Try these steps:

First, choose to be optimistic
Second, ask yourself “what are the facts about the situation?”
Third, place things and your thoughts in perspective.
Bonus Practical Tip: Coaching:

As a Resiliency Coach/educational strategist, I have found coaching principals and teachers toward practical resilient tips helps them succeed in their professional careers and achieve teacher/student academic excellence!

The coaching process:

I coach you to become your ABSOLUTE BEST by asking questions, listening and understanding your strengths, things you would like to improve.

My task is to be your guide on the side, ask effective questions that help you get clear on specific actions toward being resilient, standing out among the crowd in education and thrive!

Also, coaching entails asking the right questions, finding solutions and getting clarity on what’s needed to help you (as an administrator) create effective collaborations within between you and your staff!

Journal Moment:

What’s in you?

Principals, write (1) real-life example of a difficult situation with an employee.


Now, the next time you are caught in the moment of a difficult situation. Use real-time resilience! 🙂
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