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a little girl smelling a big red rose

        Spring is FINALLY here, flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is beginning to warm up! Today, you will learn three practical resiliency tips for principals that will help you BREATHE freely and smell the roses. 

                                        Three Practical Resiliency Tips: 

  • Your HEALTH is your Wealth 

Our careers and lives can be very stressful. It is important we tend at our own emotional and physical feelings. For example, participate in a favorite hobby, add physical activity to your daily routine. Get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet.

  • Grow and Learn from Past experiences

Past experiences offer us valuable lessons that help us grow and learn. Also, they past experiences distinguish which experiences were successful versus non successful.  Ask yourself “what did I do to make those experiences a success?”

  • Be Proactive not Reactive

Do not ignore problems or wish they will go away. This practice is not healthy. Instead, figure out what needs to be done, make a plan and take action.

The article 7 Stress Fighting Tips for Principals  offers comforting, resiliency tips for helping professionals and school administrators deal with day to day stressors. In fact, a personal favorite and HUGE stress relief is taking time to positive read positive notes written to and from students and colleagues. Instead, be fully present in conversations, reflect on the positive notes, eat with the students or simply work from home. It is in those moments, we expect and experience positive energy, which promotes self awareness, self-reflections.

Coaching Question:

Is it time for you to breathe more deeply and enjoy the journey?


This week, you can make the decision to use one practical resiliency tip.