Businesswoman Crossing the Finish Line Ahead of Businessmen
Are you racing toward the finish line? Or struggling to make each and every day? Are you being intentional about your goals and setting action steps?
Up close and personal with intentional:
All this week, my colleagues and I have been discussing intentional teaching and becoming more intentional about our instruction next year. Through intentional professional collaborations and intentional planning we are striving to hit our academic goals for next year!
I am having a grand ole’ time chatting it up with my colleagues in  blackboard at Walden University. Today, one of my online colleagues shared with us how her school lost “8” teachers, all of them new to the district. Now as I read this post, I thought about the question “did the district prepare the teachers to be intentional in all facets of the classroom?” After, I read the post I posed a “call to action” to my colleague. I asked her, “as a literacy leader, what do you plan to do differently next year to retain teachers?”
I believe maybe her district had good intentions and felt the teachers were prepared. However, the truth of the matter is this, not all teachers come prepared in fact, most school districts have different sets of protocols for running the campus.
Administrators must be intentional on their expectations for staff and communicate that expectation we FOCUS and ACTION.
Coaching question:


So, are you being as intentional about your goals, as you would like to be? If not, what’s REALLY Holding you back?

As I glean about my educational journey and all my work experiences (positive and negative. The need to be intentional STAND OUT to me, like a soar thumb. I also see Intentional in other facets of life as well. I’ll leave you with this point: Be Intentional. Be Purposeful…My plan is to practice being intentional in my personal and professional life, financial decisions, maintaining healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle. 

Learn What’s N U:


What do you plan to be more INTENTIONAL?

Journal Moment:

  • Write a 3 step action plan to help you jump start your journey to be more intentional.
  • Choose an area in your personal and professional life, where you have avoided. Commit to being more INTENTIONAL in that area today.

Enjoy the journey,