How are you striving to make it happen?”

Hello 😉

Are you striving to reach your goals or simply wishing you for a better day? I asked this question; it’s so common for some of us to start something, then simply stop! I know this all too well because it has happened to me often. When I lived in the Big D, I felt the pressure of the hustle and bustle, which made some goals difficult to reach. It doesn’t take not living in a large city to make it happen…I definitely depend on the individual.

Here are two tips to help you get in gear and MAKE it HAPPEN!

1. Start now…procrastination is real for some of us…and often stops us in our track.

2. Take tiny steps one day at time. When I began rebuilding my life after my divorce. I reached out family and close friends, then began taking tiny steps each day to glue the pieces back.

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I look forward to serving you!

Coach Marcia

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