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Have you sensed the moment you walked into a store, office building or school building you felt genuine welcomed or perhaps you noticed something was missing? I immediately notice the reactions of employees anytime I walk into a business establishment. I can sense within seconds if people are truly happy or not. Just as business establishments strive to achieve excellent customer experience. Healthy or unhealthy climate affects student academics and teachers’ resiliency!
The teaching profession is two-folds, it is one of the most notable professions and also, one that is very stressful. Healthy climates are essential to student academics and healthy teachers. Parents, students, visitors, can easily determine whether a schools’ climate is healthy or not, the moment they step in the building. One way they can tell is by simply looking at our faces. They will either see happy 🙂 faces or straight faces :-.

So what type of face are you exhibiting to others…when they visit your school building?

Today, I will share (3) practical tips designed to boost Healthy climates create Happy teachers:
According to research, creative healthy climates begin with establishing trust as an essential ingredient!

Here are some researched based suggestions for school leaders to cultivate a healthy positive school climate:

  • Practical Tip 1: “Access your climate”

In order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you want to go.

Tip: Host a small meeting, ask questions, get feedback from everyone.
All stakeholders want to be heard and included “include all voices teachers, other staff members, parents and your own.”

  • Practical tip 2: “Create a shared vision-but start with creating personal visions.”

Habakkuk 2:2 NIV “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.”

“Research suggests bringing everyone together, creating a shared vision of the kind of environment they would like to see increase the chances the vision will be carried out.”

Tip: For example, my personal vision is for schools to be a place that is socially and emotionally healthy for everyone and help educators become their ABSOLUTE BEST and stand out in Education.

Practical tip 3: “We are better together-Make it enjoyable”

Tip: Research shows “expressing gratitude for others increases our happiness and helps us feel more connected to others.
Create a “Gratitude Board” in the teachers’ lounge.

“Provide places in hallways and in teachers’ lounge where others can write post-it notes expressing their gratitude for each others’ actions.”
Source: Vicki Zakrzewski Greater Good “The Science of Meaningful Life”

Bonus Practical Tip: Coaching:

As a Resiliency Coach/educational strategist, I have found coaching principals toward practical resilient tips helps them succeed in their professional careers and achieve teacher/student academic excellence!

The coaching process:

I coach you to become your ABSOLUTE BEST by asking questions, listening and understanding your strengths, things you would like to improve.

My task is to be your guide on the side, ask effective questions that help you get clear on specific actions toward being resilient, standing out among the crowd in education and thrive!

Also, coaching entails asking the right questions, finding solutions and getting clarity on what’s needed to help you (as an administrator) create healthier climates in your school and have happier teachers!
Journal Moment:

What’s in you?

Principals, write (1) best practice you have used to enhance your school’s climate.


This week, schedule a short meeting with your staff members. Solicit their feedback. Ask questions about their challenges. Start the shared vision process.

I love chats…incorporate one tip mentioned above and share. 🙂

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