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As an administrator, how would you feel if you could have a coach as a guide on the side for your teachers? Think outside the box for a moment. Imagine having a Real-time coach for your teachers to bounce ideas off of when you are stuck. Or perhaps in your gut when you conduct walkthroughs something just isn’t quite right.If you screamed YES! Good news, instructional coaches, literacy coaches, were created for that purpose.

A coach helps you think deeper about concepts that had no substance. To put it even simpler, coaches enable teachers to write their vision for their students…plain and simple. Real-time coaching is not a new concept in the educational field. However, it is one that might have been overlooked a tad bit.

Principals, today, I will share (5) effective, simple, real-time coaching concepts why real-time coaching offers a clearer picture than traditional management.

Five Real-Time Coaching Concepts:

1. Real-time coaching means real improvement
2. Employee growth and development happens faster
3. Relationships add REAL value
4. You get better Results
5. Employees are invested in an organizational’s success

First, absorb these tips. Next week, I will provide more background information on each tip and share how to incorporate these tips in your next professional learning community.

Bonus Practical Tip: Coaching:

As a Resiliency Coach/educational strategist, I have found coaching principals and teachers toward practical resilient tips helps them succeed in their professional careers and achieve teacher/student academic excellence!

The coaching process:

I coach you to become your ABSOLUTE BEST by asking questions, listening and understanding your strengths, things you would like to improve.

My task is to be your guide on the side, ask effective questions that help you get clear on specific actions toward being resilient, standing out among the crowd in education and thrive!

Also, coaching entails asking the right questions, finding solutions and getting clarity on what’s needed to help you (as an administrator) create effective collaborations within between you and your staff!

Journal Moment:

What type of results would you like to get from real-time coaching?


Now, visualize the academic results you can get with real-time coaching. Write your vision and make it plain!

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