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Today at school, we reflected with the kids how our lives changed on this day 9/11. We paid respect to those who risked their lives, and those whose lives were lost and deeply affected due to the tragedy. Nevertheless, as they say in showbiz the show must continue to go. Today is the day…as educators we renew our mojo by taking a closer look at resiliency risk factors!

A couple of years ago, ASCD (Association Supervision Curriculum Development) published an article called “The Resilient Leader
written by E. Allison. The author shared (5) signals that may indicate your school is at risk of resiliency.

Resiliency Risk factor #1 Top Leaders stop learning”
“Resiliency Risk factor #2 People place all the blame on budget cuts”
“Resiliency Risk factor #3 Leaders ignore critical indicators”
“Resiliency Risk factor #4 Too many initiatives drain educators”
“Resiliency Risk factor #5 Success goes uncelebrated”

Nevertheless, there’s hope to beat resiliency risk factors at your school or educational organization. Happiness is an inside job, which means as individuals we choose to be happy. Being resilient is an inside job, meaning we choose to resilient! 🙂 I am going to share (3) practical resiliency approaches recommended by Elle Allison you can do as school leaders or administrators to offset the risk of resiliency at your campus or organization.

Practice 1: “Engage in personal renewal.”

Tip: Resilient (happy) leaders make time for activities that are meaningful for them (physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually)

*Think about an activity that gives you joy (physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually)

Practice 2: “Watch your mouth”
Tip: Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

*Tip: Be kind and polite…and imagine the possibilities

Use words of encouragement to promote a positive climate which hope and inspiration can prevail others toward a brighter tomorrow!

Practice 3: “Stay optimistic”

*Tip: Allison (2012) stated “in the face of harsh realities, and brutal truths, resilient leaders are quite aware, thank you very much of undesirable trends-when they exist.”

As a Resiliency Coach/educator, I have found one way to foster resiliency is through powerful questioning during coaching sessions. Good questions elicit ideas from leaders and in turn, empower them to action in becoming more resilient.

Reference: The Resilient Leader (ASCD article, December 2011/January2012

What’s in you?

What will you celebrate?


Principals, at your staff next staff meeting…ignite your staff with words of encouragement!
Involve others in the process…ask your staff about ideas celebrate your team’s success. Do it often and Start Now!

Make an ongoing list of activities that enrich you physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

I love chats…incorporate one tip mentioned in this newsletter. Tell us how you celebrated your accomplishments.

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Until then stay resilient!


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