Personal note:

As the weather slowly turns, some of us think about the changes to academics or how to improve our grade team level teams. On the other hand, some of us are tempted to bang our heads against the wall, hoping to be more innovative in our teaching approaches and prevent ourselves from becoming burnout.

Though, we are tempted to try all these things…to increase our student academics. We may be asking ourselves “is it time for an intense collaboration?” As an elementary literacy coach, I have tried several intense collaborations with teachers and principals to increase student academics. In doing so, I have found these real-time coaching techniques extremely effective.

Principals, today I will provide more background information regarding (5) effective, simple, real coaching techniques shared three weeks ago.

1. Real time coaching means real improvement
Coaching teachers in real time provides immediate feedback. Research shows providing immediate feedback promotes growth both personal and professional.

2. Employee growth and development happens faster
Self-confidence is promotes instant growth and development. It has been my experience, and professionals approach situations based on past experiences rather it may negative or positive.

3. Relationships add REAL value
As we approach the holiday season, we think about relationships developed and nurtured throughout the years. But most importantly, we think about how we can think and do things differently in the upcoming months to boost student academics! Think about how you have nurtured your relationships with colleagues. In what ways have you seen added or real value?

4. You get better Results
Based on my perspective, better results equals increased student academics and boosts teachers’ confidence in many ways. These results lead to better intense collaboration, which enhances student academic climate.

5. Employees who are vested in an organizational’s success…stick with the plan!
This takes place through daily conversations via team planning and tiny intentional action steps leading toward the goal!

Bonus Practical Tip: Coaching:

As a Resiliency Coach/educational strategist, I have found coaching principals and teachers toward practical resilient tips helps them succeed in their professional careers and achieve teacher/student academic excellence!

The coaching process:

I coach you to become your ABSOLUTE BEST by asking questions, listening and understanding your strengths, things you would like to improve.

My task is to be your guide on the side, ask effective questions that help you get clear on specific actions toward being resilient, standing out among the crowd in education and thrive!

Also, coaching entails asking the right questions, finding solutions and getting clarity on what’s needed to help you (as an administrator) create effective collaborations within between you and your staff!

Journal Moment:

Reflect on a recent problem within your organization. What intense conversations would you like to hear and see among colleagues?


Set a tentative date to start intensive collaborations among team members at your school.

I love chats…incorporate one tip mentioned above and share. 🙂

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Coach Marcia