Finishing strong
I love just having great, positive conversations with kids…just recently I was given the opportunity to speak to our third-grade students regarding the topic “Finishing Strong!” Yes, kids are resilient, but we know towards the end of the school year, we see a myriad of behavior issues, kids checking out after state’s testing. Finishing strong is not only important, but it is also a must!!! So, how we continue to encourage our students to stay in the race, keep our momentum and help FINISH STRONG!!!

Here are three tips to encourage you:

1. Keep their interest

When we keep our excitement and enthusiasm, kids tend to mimic our attitude. Our students are doing literature circles, Guess what…they chose the books they are reading.

2. Speak in positive futuristic terms

We all love something to look forward to…it keeps our interests and sheds like at the end of the tunnel.

3. Be Practical

Keep it simple and make it applicable to their world. Students love the connections of concepts learned with something they use in real-world experiences.

We know there is power in words, leave them with (two or three words) they will never forget;) After my short spill to the students, I left them with (two words) that will ring in their minds…FINISH STRONG!!! In fact, every time they see me, they say Mrs. Brown… I will FINISH STRONG!

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