crucial-conversations-button-450x450When was the last time you had a crucial conversation with a friend or colleague? Did you enjoy the conversation or did you dread the thought of having a crucial conversation?
Well, this week has been insightful, as well as interesting for my colleagues and I. And yes, crucial conversations filled the room among my colleagues and me.
In the article, How to Speak Up with Causing a Blow up, the author shares 4 tips as a guide for starting crucial conversations.
        Four tips to help you Keep it Real and Be professional 
  • Reverse thinking (I have often heard people say they fear the risks involved when they have to speak up. They would rather just ignore the person or situation.) There is more risk when you don’t have those crucial conversations. Also, God could be preparing you for a greater opportunity and having that crucial conversation is simply a TEST!
  • Change your emotions (It’s never a good idea to speak to someone when you are angry). Instead, change your emotions, go for quick brisk walk, talk to a trusted friend before having that crucial conversation.
  • Help others feel safe (Be positive! When conversations are needed, the best thing to do is to be positive and communicate your BEST intentions to others.)
  • Invite dialogue (questions are an excellent way to invite dialogue when crucial conversations are needed. In fact, during coaching sessions with clients, I ask crucial questions invite rich dialogue.
Up close and personal with crucial conversations:
As most of you may have discovered, I love conversating with just people on a variety of topics and ideas. I also, talking about to others about my passion and purpose, which is training and coaching educators  so they can achieve student academic success within a balanced literacy and language instructional framework by helping them be resilient and navigate through crucial conversations.
Our team discovered the beauty of crucial conversations at all levels. We understand sometimes as professionals, we have to stretch ourselves in ways that may be feel uncomfortable. As a result, we are moving forward with FIERCE Crucial Conversations.
As professionals, crucial conversations are inevitable regarding student academic expectations for our staff and continue those crucial conversations.
Is crucial conversations a myth or your reality?
Well, it will be my reality next school year, as I began the process of establishing crucial conversations that gently push us forward to our goals!
Coaching question:


So, what will it take for you to have crucial conversations about your goals and best intentions?

In life sometimes crucial conversations are hard to start as well as difficult to continue. However, as purposeful people we understand crucial conversations are necessary and are a part of life. I’ll leave you with this point: Be Fierce and have crucial conversations!
My  plan is to ignite crucial conversations in my personal and professional life, financial decisions, maintaining healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle. 


Learn What’s N U:


What’s REALLY holding you back from starting crucial conversations?  

Journal Moment:

  • Write a 3 step action plan to help you jump start your journey to have crucial conversations.
  • Write one tip you will begin to practice and begin the journey of having crucial conversations.


Choose an area in your personal and professional life, where you have avoided having crucial conversations. Commit to have more crucial conversations today!
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