Client Comments

Here’s what they’re Saying:

I’d never considered pursuing a Master’s Degree; but after much coaching and encouragement from Coach Marcia Collins, I can see a Master’s Degree as an attainable possibility.I highly recommend Mrs. Marcia Collins as a coach.  I have found Ms. Collins to be very positive and professional in the workplace.  She has an upbeat personality and really listens to me during our coaching sessions, and knows how to turn negative situations into positive ones.  I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Collins for two years.  She was very accommodating when I first came to the workplace.  She was the one who inspired me to believe that I could pursue and attain a Master’s Degree.   Since our coaching sessions, I have been encouraged to dream, hope and believe for greater successes both personally and professionally

D. Washington, 1st year teacher coaching client

It was very helpful to have someone listen who can listen and give advice. The beautiful thing about coaching is that draws out the answers you already know, but would never have arrived at on your own. I do whole heartily recommend Marcia’s services to anyone looking to improve themselves. I have made considerable strides in my professional life due very largely and advice I was given during my sessions.

 J. Butler, Veteran Teacher, coaching client

As a professional, Coach Marcia was very knowledgeable, well organized and helpful toward my coaching problems. In addition, she was able to bring out the best to me as my coach. She helped me to see my faults, and enabled me to grow as a person.  Also, she was able to give me strategies to help strengthen me well-round professional/business woman. I strongly recommend Coach Marcia. Why? I recommend Coach Marcia, because she is able to help you realize what is holding you back both personally and professionally to obtain your goals.

J. Mosley, Veteran Teacher Coaching client

Marcia Collins is passionate about helping people discover their purpose. I’ve had a mini session with her and during the session she listened well, and helped me to develop a solution. I highly recommend Marcia for coaching. Very energetic!

Gloria M. Pelcher, Writer/Publisher/Photographer/Teacher

Marcia has a passion for teaching students and fostering their creativity. She is very detailed oriented in her work and her lesson plans and style of teaching make the students want to learn. She sets a guide for other teachers and administrators to follow. I highly recommend her in any capacity for teaching, or consulting work.

Sian Whitfield, Richland College