Same old thing …same ole results

We all have experienced this some time or another...doing the same old thing and thinking that it will lend to different results? Are you guilty of this type of thinking?    Now, you may be busy planning some great professional development for next school year and...

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How are you making it happen?

How are you striving to make it happen?" Hello 😉 Are you striving to reach your goals or simply wishing you for a better day? I asked this question; it's so common for some of us to start something, then simply stop! I know this all too well because it has happened...

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Hello from Sunny Florida

The sun is always shining in the sunshine state" Hello 😉 Greetings from the Sunshine state! I hope the sun is shining bright in your area. It's so bright here in Florida, you need a plenty of shades for each occasion. I am just getting back in the swing of things...

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