clipart_of_29895_smjpg_2It’s February….and it’s all about LOVE in my book!
Love is in the air in all aspects. Though, February is a short month, it is time we demonstrate our LOVE for one another, and also an opportunity to reflect on the past struggles, triumphs of our ancestors and others who paved the way for the opportunities we have today!

But most importantly, it is an opportune time for us to reflect on our goals for 2015! Remember, those goals you vowed to at the beginning of January.

Well, it’s time to live your ABSOLUTE BEST life yet!

Are you ready…let’s journey together!

As a single woman, I am always haunted of my goals, desires of becoming a published author and finishing my book for educators “Become Your Absolute Best!” As I journey with this long-term goal of becoming a published author.

I ask you journey with me as I begin to share snippets of my upcoming manuscripts, insights and wisdom to help you to BECOME YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST.

Despite challenges, you may be faced with now or perhaps dealing with past anger, resentment from a previous relationship or situation I hope these insights I share will be a gentle knudge for you to press onward toward the goal(s) He has for you and what you desperately want for yourself!:)

Shared insight for you getting to BEST your ABSOLUTE BEST:

1. Love … just a four letter word, yet it is His greatest commandment for us. However, for some of us it is the hardest thing to do or get back to doing.

So, let’s take a short exercise to get back to your first love and living YOUR BEST life yet!

  • Close your eyes for a 3 minutes
  • Think about some of the greatest childhood memories.
  • Think about those things that you LOVED…you woke up first thing everything doing this ONE thing.
  • Do you have a picture in your head yet?
  • Open your eyes
  • Write down any activities that come to your mind.
  • Write down your feelings toward this activity
  • For example, “happy, excited, liberated, joyous, freedom” anything that comes to mind”

Journal Moment:

What’s in you?

Yes, it’s in you, I believe it’s in everyone of us. More importantly, I find so many people flounder most of their life, without tapping into areas that they are truly passionate about.

In my monthly momentum group with Valorie Burton she discussed four core areas of fear:

1. Fear of failure
2. Fear of success
3. Fear of disapproval
4. Fear of losing control

One of the fears I struggle with daily is fear the of disapproval. In turn, I ask myself often “will they like me?” However, I know every day presents an opportunity for me to push away the fear of disapproval.

One way, I do this is by is “Getting up every morning, putting my feet on the ground, showing up and just do it.”

Which fear do you resonate with the most?

Write down the #1 fear that continues to haunt you daily.

Write down the exact action step you need take toward your passion. Now go for it!

As your resiliency coach and accountability partner, becoming your ABSOLUTE BEST is a must. I would love to discuss your goals, help you redesign and realign your classroom in 2015!

Call to Action:

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Until then…think resiliency

Coach Marcia