I remember the first time I decided to share my personal story. So many feelings rummaged through my head. Feelings of doubt, rejection…however, I had feelings hope, and He allowed me to see a glimpse of women who would be blessed, empowered and encouraged by my story!

Just like you.. I knew He destined me to be an author!

With that said, I’m so happy you’ve made a bold and brave Move to own your destiny! Congratulations, for making the decision to share your story! The “Author N You coaching program was birthed to give novice authors like yourself an opportunity to be coached by someone who has walked in your shoes before.

Here’s the thing also, becoming an author can also be a little scary, if you’re not sure what to do, or things that you should have in place, which is exactly why I felt compelled to create a program that will literally walk you the entire process:

So here’s what you will gain from working with me as your “Author N You Coach personalized 1:1  (3) month coaching program

Value-Based program components:

  • Outline to begin preparing your chapters
  • Shared tips and lessons learned along the way
  • Such as “strategies to give the reader just a taste
  • Compelling content that will help your reader read further by focusing on only one clear benefit or outcome
  • Writing to a specific reader or audience
  • Reading and editing your draft/or manuscript
  • Tips or strategies for finding “beta readers”
  • Shared tips, resources I used to launch my latest best-seller book “Removing the Mask Uncovering Love, Freedom and Confidence”
  • Learn (5) essentials to draft a viable marketing plan
  • 1:1 scheduled (2) coaching calls per month
  • Unlimited email and social media access to me
  • Consistent Accountability to finish your manuscript within (3) months

Priceless value you get from me: As Your Resiliency Coach… I am dedicated to coaching you to:

  1. Embrace your true calling and journey through life with purpose
  2. Spark a renewed hope for living an exceptional, instead of an ordinary life
  3. Cultivate the confidence, dedication, and resilience that drive you to meet your goals
  4. Develop strategies for navigating the ups-and-downs of life

Ready to go …. Let’s do this!

Your Investment for the 1:1 Coaching: $ 397.00 per month or $997 one time investment $200 SAVINGS

Limited time only: “Please mention this offer for the special offering

Special offering: Discounted offer for those who reserve their spot Now! $297.00 per month or $797 one time investment $94 SAVINGS

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Coach Marcia Collins-Brown provided detailed coaching and mentoring to assist me in getting organized and focus on writing my memoir.  She continuously motivated me to stay on task to meet my book deadlines, assisted me with creating goals, and provided the necessary tools to write a best selling book.

Alyssa Hogan

Coach and Biz Consultant

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Move forward with authentic Confidence!