Welcome to the journey! I am excited you came along…

Let’s take a walk…as I tell you a little bit of my story and why I wore masks for so long!

After my divorce in 2015, I had been so accustomed to a certain lifestyle. It was hard transitioning from a two-story home in a nice community to a one bedroom apartment. Quite frankly, I lived in a gated apartment community with an exclusive amenities like wood floors, and stainless steel appliances.

When my girlfriends visited me they said: “girl, you bounced back so quickly.” Yeah, I was thinking to myself…sure. Looking back, I realized that even then I was still wearing my mask…pretending I had it all together. The truth of the matter I was struggling financially and ashamed to admit! Moving to Florida, and meeting falling in love with the love my life…forced me to face hard truths about my issues and “Remove my Mask.”

My new book “Removing the Mask uncovers hidden issues I went through for years, ashamed to admit I had serious issues. I was afraid what others would think…I mean I had letters behind my name, with a thriving career. Today, as a certified life coach, I am committed to coaching and ministering to women who suffer in silence with deep-rooted issues. In my book, Removing the Mask https://iammarcia.com/ I share the exact strategic steps and processes of helping you do the same!

Coach yourself:

What lie have told myself for years?

What’s REALLY holding me back from sharing my story with others?

If you’re like me, as an ex-people pleaser I worried about what others would say and think of me. I worried about being judged as a bad mother, wife selfish…the list goes on and on.

Are you saying to yourself “girl, that’s me”…order your copy today! Join the UnMasked and Confident woman movement by wearing your free UnMasked and Confident pin with any purchase!

Don’t suffer in silence…get freed from the past pain, scars that have plagued at the core of who He called YOU to be and move forward with authentic confidence TODAY! 🙂