Love what you do! 😉

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook Page “they say when you love what you do. It doesn’t feel like work. Enjoying the Cengage Team College Survival Conference in New Orleans.”

Do you resonate with the statement? I do…I absolutely love what I do; I love writing, serving, coaching and motivating others. But most of all,  I love all the things God has created me to be!  As I approach the final days, of the 30 day Blogathon! It has been an amazing experience 🙂 I hope you have enjoyed the ride as well.

Something to think about it:

My mom recently told me my Great Uncle Joe” passed away at the age of 91. I thought to myself, “wow, he lived a full life.” Are you living life to the fullest?  Perhaps, Mark Twain said it best: “it isn’t the things we did we most regret; its the things we didn’t do.” Are you regretting anything now? Do you love what you do? If not, there is still time to pursue your dream. Last year, my friends and I read the book “Successful Women Think Differently,” by Valorie Burton. Today, this book continues to encourage and empower me to keep pursuing what I love! Valorie identified Seven Choices individuals must make to change their life! I hope you resonate with at least one of seven choices, find your passion and pursue what you love:)

Seven Choices to guide you in doing what you love 😉 

  • Choice #1 Do not downsize your dreams
  • Choice #2 Focus on solutions, not problems
  • Choice #3 Choose to be authentic
  • Choose #4 Choose courage over fear
  • Choice #5 Choose relationships and nurture them intentionally
  • Choice #6 Actively seek feedback and use it grow
  • Choice #7 Know your purpose and take daily action in the direction of your VISION today! 

Seven choices adapted from Successful Women Think Differently, by Valorie Burton.

Stretch U:

Out of the seven choices, what choice do you resonate with the most? Why?


Choose one choice and take bold steps toward doing what you love today.

Until next time, 

Coach Marcia (An Educator’s Personal Coach)