I love this quote by J. Gabriel (2005) “Present yourself as a partner, some who is has an equal stake in things going well” 

I understand administrators are so bogged down with tons of responsibilities, they don’t get an opportunity to visit classrooms, as much as they would like. As a support staff member, seeing effective teaching and helping teachers grow, while promoting healthy school climates appealed me when I entered the principal certification program. I am sure you thought the same as an administrator. So, are you being a partner to teachers or are do you find yourself too bogged in daily administrative responsibilities.

                 Allow me lighten your load this summer by offering a few practical tips: 

  • Catch your teachers doing something right! (Convey this message to teachers clearly)
  • Make a point to visit their classroom at least once a month
  • Reinforce positive things seen and offer feedback when requested
  • Ask the right questions, get the right answers (Certified Personal and Executive Coaches have this practice down to the wire 🙂
  • Ask questions that open the widen the communication line versus narrowing the communication gap.

Are you being a partner or just going through the motions day by day? 


Choose one practical tip you and become their partner!

Until next time, 

Coach Marcia (An Educator’s Personal Coach)

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