Embracing the road to recovery! 🙂

It’s funny…since moving to Florida, I have gotten so comfortable with my new hubby and new life that I have neglected the most important thing that helped me to get back to my healthy state! ME!

What I mean since moving I’ve earned an additional advanced degree, published my second book and best-seller “Removing the Mask” Uncovering love, confidence, and freedom! Doing what I do best…learning, and writing content to empower women who suffer in silence, like I once did.

n the course of all that, I was gently reminded by husband (Van) to be consistent with exercising and monitoring my food portions. You see I love food, I was an emotional eater, and I wrote about this candidly in my new book

In my previous marriage, I watched my weight go up and done, even suffered some hair loss, all due to stress! We all know being physical active releases endorphins that help with mood and does the body and mind good. Today, I am embracing the road to recovery and getting back to a healthy me! Click here to invest in my best-seller “Removing the Mask Uncovering love, confidence, and freedom! Click link: https://iammarcia.com/store/

What’s in You?

How about you? What methods are you taking to get back to a healthier you?

Is it reconnecting with family or friends that you were isolated from in the past?

Resiliency Tip:

The one thing you can do to stay resilient in the face of adversity is to simply keep moving! Don’t stay stagnant…a brisk walk will give you same results as jogging when you do it consistently! The key word is BE CONSISTENT and INTENTIONAL about getting back to a healthy you! 🙂 Remember you’re not alone!

Cheering for you

Your coach