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As educators, we can learn a lot from the best practices of successful business leaders. Also, the more I dive into conversations with school leaders…the more I understand why schools operate as a business and GREAT schools have adopted simple, practical business tips.

However, it occurred to me, as leaders, though we operate schools as we business, we forget to adopt the business principles that go along with becoming GREAT schools and bringing out the ABSOLUTE best in our faculty.

Today, I will share (4) practical tips to bring out your staff’s ABSOLUTE BEST. These tips stem from a business article in Forbes.

Practice 1: “Tone at the Top”

Tip: Superintendents, principals…directors lead your way you want your staff to follow!

*Set an example by own your behavior. Have the mindset of a servant leader

Practice 2: “Take an interest in the career development of your teachers”

Tip: Invite college representatives to your school …to share information about various graduate degrees. Show teachers how getting their graduate degree can be an immediate payoff in terms of money and major career moves!

Practice 3: “Set ambitious but attainable goals.”

*Tip: At your next Campus Improvement meeting or faculty meeting, discuss with your goals set my the superintendent. Remember “competence breeds confidence, and successfully achieving ambitious goals motivates them to do it again.”

Practice 4: “Get to know your people.”
***my favorite
Personally, I believe healthy relationships are the foundation of any successful organizations.

Tip: In order to help your teachers bring out their ABSOLUTE BEST, you must know them. Learn what motivates them, learn their passions. Learn the things that bother them the most. Your colleagues are not concern with how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Principals, talk to teachers…often!

As a Resiliency Coach/educator, I have found practical tips to Bring out teachers’ ABSOLUTE BEST is by asking questions, listening and understanding their strengths and things they would like to improve. In other words, I place them in the driver’s seat. I become a guide on the side providing nonjudgmental feedback. Also, coaching entails asking the right questions to ignite action from teachers and in turn, empower them to action and brings out their ABSOLUTE BEST!

Reference: Forbes June/ 2014

What’s in you?

What practical business tip mentioned above would you adopt as a principal or school leader immediately?


Principals, at your staff next staff meeting or campus leadership meeting…discuss how you plan to incorporate the above practical tips one at time.
Involve others in the process…get to know your staff inquire about their professional interests, passions, and help them BRING Out their ABSOLUTE best! Do it often and Start Now!

I love chats…incorporate one tip mentioned above and share. 🙂

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