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T.E.A.C.H. the Teacher to Relax

Are you the kind of teacher who can’t wait to get back into the classroom to set it up for the new school year? Do you get a natural “high” on eraser dust or bust a few dance moves when you see a highly shined classroom floor? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions then you are a prime candidate for T.E.A.C.H. (Train Educational Addicts how to Choose a Hiatus)!

Summer break is a great time to step away from the classroom and … well, have some FUN! Fun can come in any form or fashion. It doesn’t have to be costly or energy consuming. For instance, if you should decide to take a Salsa class or train to be a bull rider while on vacation, it may be as simple as buying an app (Dance Salsa) or a Wii game (Out of the Chute).

Or you could take a step back into time and get in touch with your inner child again. Plan a picnic in the park where you can play on the swings and go do the slide without any inhibitions. Can’t you just hear yourself chanting, “It’s my time to play, I’m not thinking about teaching today, no way!” I remember a friend of mine shared a story with me of how as a child she use to lip sync to Diana Ross albums. There’s nothing stopping you or her from grabbing a microphone and going to a local club and becoming an overnight karaoke sensation.

I know that sometimes it is difficult after nine months of hard labor to readily release the responsibility for the little angels who simply adore you. But everything must change, absolutely nothing stays the same. The next time you see your favorite students, they may have had a growth spurt and grown five inches taller or gotten a tattoo in an undisclosed location. Relax, reflect, and release last year’s burdens and prepare to make new memories in the upcoming school year. You’ve done a good job so it’s okay to take a break. You’ve definitely earned one.

If you absolutely must have a “kid” fix and you don’t want to rent one from your neighbor, volunteer for storytime at your local library. Better yet, write a book yourself and share it with a local writer’s group! There are endless possibilities out there for you, if only you would take a step outside the box (your classroom) and pursue some unadulterated FUN!

My name is Coach Marcia, and I approve of this hilarious message. Just in case you didn’t get it, the moral of this story is enjoy your summer. Time isn’t something that you can readily bring back. NOW is the time for you to make happy memories that will keep a smile on your face when you return to the classroom. In the spirit of the NIKE slogan, “Just Do It!”

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Relaxation Anyone?

Busyness is a commonplace occurrence in the lives of active professionals, especially teachers.  On a scale of 1 (Highest Priority) – 10 (Lowest Priority), relaxation falls around “9.” Add children to the equation and it easily slides down to “10.” So that means that you must deliberately make it a priority. Otherwise your body will make that decision for you. So this summer, take the reins of your life back into your own hands and simply relax! Here’s how:

Just Breathe … Deeply – Take a station break in the middle of your day and focus on your breathing. Breathe in and slowly breathe out. Reverse the process several times for the course of 5-minutes then enjoy the rest of your day.

Just Meditate … Find Your Inner Peace … It’s still in there somewhere! — Sit up straight with both of your feet firmly placed on the floor, close your eyes and recite a calming mantra to the beat of your breaths.

Just Show-Up in the Moment … Now! – Take a small portion of your day and relocate to a pleasant place. Close your eyes and experience the moment. Notice the sweet aroma of the flowers, the chirping of songbirds singing their happy morning song and the wind as it kisses your face with its long slender tendrils. Showing up in the moment is reinvigorating and fun.

Just Tell Someone … Close – We all need a little help sometimes. Talking with a friend face-to-face or on the phone may give you a fresh perspective on things. The comrade is refreshing and the fellowship is heartwarming. You will leave totally renewed and your friendship fortified for another day.

Just Laugh … A Real Good Belly Laugh – If you want a dose of endorphins which will help change your mood, then tune into a good movie, a comedic sitcom, or read a comic book. It makes you feel good and it’s also contagious.

Just Dance … Shake Your Money Maker – Or just do some plain old exercise. Walking and yoga can ease depression and anxiety and they make your brain feel good. If you’re brave enough to bust a move, turn up the music and shake your stress away.

All these methods will contribute to helping you relax and making it a top priority on your list. Remember relaxation keeps you happy and healthy.  Even God took a day off to relax when He was creating the universe. So why not follow His lead, and make relaxation an important part of YOUR life.