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Finding an Oasis in the Midst of a Dry Spell

Summer is here and the heat dictates the quality of your vacation days. 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more, it’s time for a swim in the neighbors pool. Less than that, it’s cool in the morning, scorching by noon and slightly pleasant at night. Life without air conditioning is unimaginable.

What about being in a dry spell in your life? At the beginning of the school year you were a wellspring of knowledge and compassion for the little ones. Now it’s the end of the school year and your fountain has run dry. If you have to grade another paper, talk to another parent, give another test, you will literally scream! You’ve tried to rejuvenate your teacher mojo but you just don’t have the power to resurrect it, not even a little bit. You may wonder, am I a bad person? Who doesn’t want to be around sweet little adorable children? We all need a break and you should take yours. That’s why we have weekends. Two glorious days to resuscitate, rejuvenate and get refreshed.

During the summer of 2015, you must make it your mission to find your oasis in the midst of this dry spell. But the difference is instead of using the summer for a watering hole, develop year-round strategies that keep your well filled up continuously. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Plan “Me Moments” during the course of your day. 5 to 30 minute segments in your day where you do things that make you smile. (Read a chapter in your favorite novel, sing a couple of choruses of your favorite “happy” song, or call a favorite friend and share a special moment with them.) It’s your moment so you decide what it is.
  • Rehydrate your work week by building comrade with your fellow teachers. There a strong possibility they are also feeling the heat of a rigorous work week. Share that you care and watch it come back to you in rain drops filled with support and compassion.
  • Throw yourself a party on the weekend that is intended to rock you back into FUN mode where everything serious is forgotten and pleasure is a priority. Loving you should be #1 on your list.

Finding your own personal oasis may take some extra effort on your part, but when you set up a watering hole at every exit, life can be more than bearable, it can actually be lovely. Feel free to share some of your ideas with me. Just take a few minutes and drop me an email at mycollins007@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you. Happy Summer!


4 Responses to Finding an Oasis in the Midst of a Dry Spell

  1. First off, big yays for telling your story! And extra yays for doing it and reizilang that nothing bad happened. That’s HUGE! And awesome.@Mary the Mystic Scientist I love the idea of good schtuff being born out of weirdnesses-that-rub-together-like-kittehs. Sweet! And I totally agree about how this idea pretty much fits anywhere. And everywhere. For sure.@Kelly I think there must be something in the water. Looks like this has been a hot topic lately. Which is cool. Because it’s also a big topic and an important topic and something that a lot of people trip over in really ouch-ey ways. So yay for lots of discussion!@Andrea Thanks you!@Catherine I think you’re totally right on relating it back to your readers. That’s smart! And I think, sometimes, putting something out there just to put it out there is cool. Sometimes people just want to connect, to know more about who you are. Which is kind of awesome.@David You are the most fabulous math nerd turned artist/entrepreneur/programmer/web designer/product manager/brand therapist/marketing strategist/doodlist I’ve ever met. Really. I couldn’t agree more with your magnet/filter idea if I tried. I am with you 100%. That has been totally and completely true in my experience.I also think you’re right about how sharing different stuff in different places makes sense. To me, each of these different places is like a different container. And they can hold different things.A business card is a different container than a blog or a quick chat you’d have with someone at a party. So right on about the context thing.I think the really exciting thing is that you can be you in all of these different containers. One container may give you more room than another. But being able to rock your you-ness across the board is awesome and delicious and powerful.@Mr. Pants I’m glad you left the plane thing in. Because it made me laugh. Out loud. (The real kind. Not the fake LOL kind.)Ugh. That censor thing is so hard. I’ve bumped into that gnarly critter a lot. With its poke-ey spines, bad breath and mean look and that wagging you-totally-shouldn’t-say-that finger. Yuck.Isn’t it awesome that people really response to the schtuff that’s infused with you? I love that. And that has to be a sign that there’s some good mojo there.And right on for following your son’s lead. Methinks there’s much smartness there!@Joely & James I love that you two were watching this together. LOVE.It blows my mind that someone would care enough about someone else’s Twitter ID to criticize it. I mean, unless your ID is @iclubbabysealsforfun who gives a shit?But I bet you’re right. It just doesn’t fit with their definition of professional. Which is totally fine. Since it’s not your definition.And I’m betting that one (of a million) reasons why so people love you and your gorgeous writing so much is precisely because you are you. And you actually show up on Twitter and hang out. Which rocks!@Scott I’m glad those days are long gone and that you can enjoy the stuff you enjoy and feel free enough to talk about it. The first time I read your blog you were talking about sacred flute music from New Guinea. I knew right then you were seriously rad.@Linnea That first sentence might just make the best bio ever. And I love a good contradiction. Especially when it comes wrapped in so much awesome. Like, you know, in your case.And not stifling yourself as a birthday present? I love that. A lot. Go you!@Bridget Sailing and inappropriate jokes! Yay!The privilege/right thing is interesting. I’ll have to chew on that a little more and see what shakes out.Like I was saying to Catherine, I totally agree about the conjunctions. I just wonder if sometimes we (the collective we) don’t narrow down those possibilities a little more than we need to.I know that I’ve found myself thinking this thing or that thing is a connection-ey thing, when, really, there are so many other things that really rock the connection too. Like there are way more options than I see, sometimes.@Wulfie – I hear you. I got splattered by epic fail too when I tried to stay on message and weed too much of me out of stuff. Not fun. Not interesting. Not effective.@Patty I totally agree. I’m the same way. I want to know who people are. Not just their message or their tagline or their company schtick. I want to know the person.I’ve realized that pretty much every single person I hire has a lot of you-ness in their Thing. That’s really important to me.And when it’s not there, I’m like you. I get bored out of my mind and usually stop paying attention.@Lisa – Right on! I’m pretty sure that the more comfortable we all are with ourselves and the more of that we show in our life (and relationships and businesses and and and ) the more gorgeous the world gets. So yay you for living it!@LisaG – Ergh. Sorry about the nothing-coming-out thing. That’s hard. Yay for the sigh of relief though!And, for what it’s worth, there are few things I love more than a good smart ass. Really.@Rosalind Here’s a big woot! for putting all of you on the blog. I’m betting that’s exactly what will give people a full view of your awesome.A couple years ago I wrestled with the whole separate blog thing. It felt totally overwhelming to me. And totally suck too. But it was a big enough obstacle that it kept me from doing anything for a minute.So go you!@Elana I capital-L love that you loved the Boy George finale. As nerdy as it sounds, I kept fast forwarding to that part of the video, pressing play and laughing hysterically every single time.And Omey Homey is cool enough to make my head go *boom*.@Carmen Good advice! I think it’s pretty hard to rock at being anyone else. But, oof. How many times have we (again, the collective we)tried that? So hard. And so so suck. Thanks for sharing the post.And big thanks to all of you for the goodness + smartness + awesome you all drop here. Chocolate + lurve for everyone.

  2. Så nydelig bilde Petunia, og etter en lang pause er jeg tilbake på denne utfordringen. Ikke sikkert det blir en vane, men man vet jo aldri.

  3. Pas de doute, tu sais faire envie. Le nom de Claire Keegan circule souvent sur les blogs mais jamais je n'ai eu autant envie d'y voir de plus près qu'aujourd'hui. Je note ce titre.

  4. you sound pretty tough already..but get in a class like karate or boxing and find one you enjoy going to,,and be good at what you do and be able to hit #$ %& hard. ( working your heavy bag and lifting weights). You’d be suprised at what a basic punch combo and kick between legs or to knee will do to someone. most of all, enjoy it.

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