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Special Tribute to Dads

One of my favorite gospel lyrics, I love to sing in church is “I can search the whole world, I can search heaven high, there is no one, there is no one better.”

I resonated with these lyrics, because some women search and search for a father figure…a man to love…and in turn, someone who will love them back. I am so grateful for divine intervention…a God-Fearing man, a Loving husband and an Extraordinary dad!

My search is over!

There is nothing like a father’s love there is nothing like a father’s relationship with his daughters, and there is nothing like my “Heavenly Father, my hubby and my daddy.”

Today, I want to send a special tribute to the men in my life. First, my very supportive, loving and wisdom beyond his years hubby (Lakai)! Second, my lil man “Lapham” (who loves to hug his mommy and big sisters at least 10x a day) ;) Last, my daddy (Raymond Matthews) who is the hardest working man, I know. Thank you for your unconditional love, love with discipline. Daddy, I often think of you and all things you taught me about being resilient, instilled strong work ethics and and being a strong advocate of higher education! 

My Special Tribute to Dads

A Father’s Love

A father is respected because
He gives his children leadership…
Appreciated because
He gives his children care…
Valued because
He gives his children time…
Loved because
He gives his children the one thing
They treasure most – himself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him.”

Proverbs 20:7 (NKJV)

Don’t Rush It!

Do you ever feel compelled to rush in making important decisions? I ask this question because although, we might not admit it some of us rush when making important decisions. We do this in our professional and personal lives. In fact, some decisions if rushed too soon can be regrettable. Decisiveness is characterized as a good leadership and a good teacher. If you feel pressured in making a decision, take my advice and “don’t rush it.”

Instead take note of these practical tips.

  • Focus on containing, Not Winning (Think like a parent, even if you’re not one) When pressured by colleagues to make important decisions, focus on containing them. The busier people are, the less likely they will find the time to oppose you,(so they won’t have supporting evidence to back up their claim.
  • Pull the train out of the station (ever heard the phrase doing a workshop, or meeting “we need to get back on track”) It’s difficult to get a 100% on board, however, if you have the majority…then toot your horn, as the leader, you can yell all aboard and pull the train of the station:)
  • Just Listen (Listening is so effective and most people want to be heard) Don’t judge right off the bat! Sometimes, people just need to vent…the best thing you can do is listen and please “Don’t Rush It!”


Until Next Time,

Marcia Collins (An Educator’s Personal Coach)